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New article by Auto Express on the Renault 4 here: ... tric-power

In it they talk about the EV, its design and its powertrain. They also have a Q&A with Laura Gregoire who is the product leader on the 4Ever project.

Q: How do you reinvent a car like the 4 for the modern era without it becoming a total pastiche of the original?

A: We wanted to keep that iconic silhouette and the DNA of the original 4. However, it is easier to modernise a hatchback like the 5, which we showed at the start of the Renaulution; the 4's shape and volumes are more difficult to reimagine with what we need for today, but with these cars we achieved it twice!

Q: Who will the new Renault 4 production car be aimed at?

A: We want the 4 to be more versatile. The 5 has been designed for mostly urban usage – the 4 is for families, holidays, everything you can throw at it. We want it to be the same as the original. Whether this means it will be bigger than the 5 in terms of sales volume, let's wait and see.

Q: A hot Alpine version of the forthcoming Renault 5 EV has been confirmed, can we expect an Alpine-tuned Renault 4 model in the future?

A: It's not in the plan, but we are always evaluating so let's see – we'll see if there's demand.

Q: The original Renault 4 is a French icon, will this car represent the same in the modern era?

A: Sure, it will. We want 'Made in France' to be a big attribute of this car and it will be built at Renault's ElectriCity plant. It's a massive part of the strategy to reconnect the brand and its roots with the country.

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