Connected Kerb plans 190,000 new on-street charging points by 2030

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UK charging-point provider Connected Kerb has announced an ambitious goal of 190,000 new charging-point installations in the UK by 2030 – the date when the government's ban on the sale of new combustion-engined cars comes into force. The company has secured partnerships for the installation of 10,000 new chargers in 2021 and says it's aiming to conclude contracts for a further 30,000 during 2022. It hopes to continue this rate of expansion to hit the 190,000 target by 2030.


Connected Kerb CEO Dr Chris Pateman-Jones said: “Knowing you can arrive at virtually any location, at any time, in any vehicle and cheaply charge your battery without inconvenience or faff is the reality we have to deliver to create an EV society. Our rollout of public chargers – one of the most ambitious the UK has ever seen – encapsulates that future, helping individuals and businesses to confidently make the switch to electric, reducing their carbon footprint and cutting air pollution.

“Targets are important – for an industry so critical to the decarbonisation of transport, we need goals to work towards and objectives to which we are all accountable. However, they need to be met with action. With deals confirmed for 10,000 chargers this year alone and 30,000 more expected next year, we are demonstrating that we’re getting on with the job and delivering the change that needs to happen – not just talking about it.”

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