Renault 4 will go 4x4 and be a small SUV

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New article from Auto Express:

Already previewed by the Renault 4EVER Trophy concept (pictured), the jacked-up Renault 4 model will use the same underpinnings as the newly launched Renault 5: the AmpR Small platform. And most versions of the 4 are expected to have just a single front-mounted motor. But while the supermini seems destined to remain front-wheel drive, the architecture beneath it features a multi-link rear axle that will allow space for an additional electric drive unit – and Renault sources have hinted to Auto Express that the 4, which will be positioned above the 5 on price, will make use of this.

And Frédéric Morelle, the engineering lead on the 5 project, told us, “The 4 will use the same platform as the 5, but the 4 needs a multi-link rear axle to achieve a specific USP.” This feature could just be extra wheel travel and better rough-road ability, but is much more likely to be four-wheel drive.

A 4x4 version of the 4 could tap into the original car’s motorsport exploits, since a four-wheel-drive version, called the 4 Sinpar, was entered on a number of Dakar rally raids. It would also give it distinct positioning apart from the 5, and build on the rugged image of the 4Ever Trophy concept car that was revealed at 2022’s Paris Motor Show.

Full details: ... e-pictures

Renault 4EVER concept in 1962 4L.jpg

Renault 4EVER concept in 1962 4L (1).jpg

Renault 4EVER concept in 1962 4L (2).jpg

Renault 4EVER concept in 1962 4L (3).jpg

Renault 4EVER concept in 1962 4L (4).jpg

Renault 4EVER concept in 1962 4L (5).jpg

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