The Renault 4 concept 4EVER Trophy wearing colours of the 1962 4L

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The Renault 4EVER Trophy show-car revisits the iconic Ile-de-France Blue that debuted on the 4L in 1962.
The 4EVER Trophy’s new look will be publicly shown for the first time at the French Open when it opens on May 22.

While production of the 4L stopped more than 30 years ago, its name is still a head-liner! This was made evident when the Renault 4EVER Trophy show-car was unveiled last year at the Paris Motor Show. Inspired by the original Renault 4, the show car paves the way for a future compact full-electric B-segment SUV and is sure to cause quite a stir when showing off its new look at the 2023 French Open in Paris!

To accentuate its delightfully retro charm, the 4EVER Trophy comes decked in a hue inspired by the launch colour for the 4L back in 1962: Ile-de-France Blue. Its sophisticated and tech-inspired design is enhanced thanks to the fluorescent yellow accents on the roof straps, shield, shock springs, and wheel emblems.

An exciting homage to the iconic tennis balls of the French Open, it underlines the show car’s off-road spirit and reflects the keys traits of the original model.

The 4EVER Trophy will début its brand-new body colour on May 22, 2023, for the opening qualifying rounds of the French Open in Paris.








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